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workshops and classes based on ancient form of qigong -

Xing Shen Zhuang

Students of all fitness levels and body types are welcome!


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School of Healthy Spine

This is a unique gymnastics for the spine that opens and releases the spine through a series of slow, gentle movements.

Regular practice of these exercises has been known to help with the most common issues related to the spine:




vertebral displacement

back pain

as well as to strengthen internal organs and to make you more energetic in your everyday life.

About me

"Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Yulia. I moved to the USA two years ago and brought this fantastic practice with me. I have been practicing Xing Shen Zhuang for ten years and would like to share my experience with you. 

​I mastered Xing Shen Zhuang practice at Wu Ming Dao School of Wellness Practices in Moscow from the most experienced instructor in the country Anna Vladimirova. Throughout my qigong practice journey, I have been taking classes from well-known qigong masters as Rosaria Catania in Italy in Sicily (direct student and successor of Wang Ting Jun Master), Irina Abramova (Moscow, student of Wang Ting Jun and David Verdesi Masters), Van Liping (China). 

Currently, I provide group and individual lessons in Oregon, Washington, and California. At my workshops, I teach how to improve posture, increase energy level, release tension, and listen to your body.

Join me in qigong practice, learned at different continents from experienced and passionate teachers.

Welcome to School of Healthy Spine

Healthy spine - healthy you

Let's begin with the workshop, "Healthy spine - healthy you."

The eight - hour workshop consists of theory and practice. You will learn twelve Xing Shen Zhuang exercises. I will explain the purpose of each movement and ensure your body understands what to do. We will practice in small groups, so you have a chance to learn each detail. 

Here are the workshop options: ​

  • weekend workshops (4 hours each day - Saturday and Sunday),

  • 4-weeks sessions (2 hours on a weekday for 4 weeks)

  • 1-day intensive workshop (all day long).​

If you'd like to learn all these exercises gradually, step by step - probably 4-week session is best for you. If you prefer to dive into it and get the whole thing in a rather short period, - choose the weekend option. 

After the completion of the workshop, you are welcome to take classes online or/and offline. We provide video and informational support for practice at home.

Check our locations - we have options in NW and SE.

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Upcoming Events

Basic workshop. Special event. Apr 24-26
Basic workshop. Weekend. Apr 4-5, 9:30-1:30pm
Float North
Basic workshop. Weekend. Mar 7,8
NW Portland, OR
Basic workshop. Mondays. March 2,9,16,23
Float North

Group & individual classes

Classes take place every Thursday at 9 am, and Sunday at 10 am. 


Session lasts - 1:15min.

Regular classes will help you gain your goals faster.

If you completed the basic workshop - welcome!

Drop in class - 15$

Once a month - 10$ per class / 40$ a month

Individual classes - 85$. Individual session lasts 1:30min, at your location.

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